How to win aginst Double vector gun in free fire

Battle against aginst double vector gun

We have to use the gun’s disadvantage for our advantage. If you battle with a double vector gun. This is a short-range gun, which makes our enemy powerless during the distant fight.

Try to get in long-range combat with the enemy in a large range fight. The damage of the double vector gun reduces to half. But if during the long-range battle, if the opponent is taking covering and not exposing his body. You have to take the short-range fight.

Double vector is the gun with the most damage and highest firing rate among SMG guns. Double back again is having a good damage rate and increased stability for a headshot.

For a short-range fight, we have to use high damage giving gun shotgun is the best option for close fight. Still, you have to be so close to the enemy before getting into an actual battle. You have to fire three-shot with high accuracy with your short gun to kill the enemy having a double doctor.

You have to use cover as much as possible if you are fighting in a custom more than make sure to use gloo wall as much as possible. Short your enemy once, and then use the gloo wall and repeat the process till you kill the enemy as there is no restriction for the gloo wall in custom mode. If you are playing a rank match, then prefer long-range and mid-range fights .


Take fights without exposing your body. One wrong move can kill you last but not least if you are in close combat, then try to surprise your enemy with your movements and destroy your enemy. Be quick while in the fight and use gloo wall often after each shot till you kill your enemy. as a double factor is a dangerous gun prefer getting the same weapon so that it will be a fair game and one with good strategy will win the fight .

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