How to survive your first night in minecraft ?

What we need to do next ?


After everything is done , now we will learn . How to survive your first night in Minecraft ? It is basically very easy even if you know the basic of the game . Else here is short trick for you .

If you are very unlucky and can’t find a safe place or craft bed before nigh. Its better to dig a cave and escape into it. Please install blocks to avoid monsters from entering from the entrance. Crafting torches should be your second priority after this . Gathering resources should always be your first priority .

minecraft door
  • Naturally, the inside of the cave at night is pitch black. If you have the time, let’s start creating a torch
minecraft torch


  • Suppose it’s possible to locate a sheep. I am sorry but attempt beating it using a bare hand if you don’t have wooden pickaxe and crafting grid . Sheep may utilize not just as food but also as a material for making beds. When you’ve got a bed, you can greet the morning with no fear of critters, even if you die during the night.
  • You can rekindle at the location where the bed is not without returning to the very first stage ( spawn point ). The bed will be completed using three parts of wood planks and three yarn bits, so if you get it before night time, you may rest assured.
  • Now after collecting food, move back to shelter you made. The last and essential tool you need to make is the torch. You can make torch by arranging wood and coal in a manner as shown in the picture. Make the torch and stick it on your shelter’s wall to get dark inside ( wooden tools).

Keep in mind that your shelter should only have one opening. It will avoid the chance of night creature and creepers to kill you. Now when you are inside your shelter with one end open.

Try to make a gate by using 2×3 arrangement as shown below. Cover every place apart from the gate with the help of Cobblestone.

make door in minecraft

It’s almost night there, and you have plenty of meat, wood and coal. You can collect Cobblestone by mining inside your house. Please install blocks to avoid monsters from entering from the entrance.

Naturally, the inside of the cave at night is pitch black if you will not collect resources. But we are assuming that you have collected all resources mentioned previously. Let’s move forward, making our chest and furnace with the help of Cobblestone and wood.


You can make chest by equitably arranging wooden blocks as shown in the picture, and same applies for the furnace. But for making furnace, you have to use Cobblestone.

How to survive first night in minecraft

Place the Minecraft chest and Minecraft furnace anywhere you want inside your shelter.

The chest is used for storing different resources that we will collect the next day and later on.

The furnace is useful for burning & smelting resources like iron, gold and other metallic resources.

I know its night, and you should sleep. But I will suggest you to mine during the night. Start breaking Cobblestone using your pickaxe.

You can mine till the core of the earth until you can see lava. Start mining toward button to find iron, gold, coal and other resources. And keep on making a ladder for quick up and down. Look for resources.

Creamy spot on the Cobblestone symbolizes the presence of iron ore. And similarly, the yellow dot represents the presence of gold ore.

ores in sandbox game

What is use of Minecraft furnace ?

The furnace can smelt these ores in a furnace with coal’s help into pure iron and gold. We have to put coal in the third grid as shown in the figure, and we need to stack iron and gold on top and flame represent it’s getting smelted. You can also see the image for a better idea.

mineral smealting for survival in minecraft

Assuming that you are not that lucky but still managed to get iron ore, you have smelted that by following the process mentioned above. Now its time to make iron sword is more powerful and durable than sword made of wood and Cobblestone. We can use iron to make many tools like armour and pickaxe, but we will make a sword. We will follow the same step we did to make a wooden sword; You can see the image for a better idea.

survive first night in minecraft

Treasure, Gold ore (Gold Ore) and Diamond Ore (Diamond Ore), but also don’t forget, the heavier you mine, the more creatures are awaiting you. So be cautious when mining. Should you discover Gold Ore / Diamond Ore while mining, you need to utilize Iron Pickaxe to accumulate it (you can not use Stone Pickaxe), you know how to create a Pickaxe, Yes! In the event, you would like to produce an Iron Pickaxe, replace the top with iron. This is all for this article on How to survive your first night in Minecraft

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