How to download pixellab apk pro 2020 (V 1.9.2 ) for Mobile

Pixellab is a simple photo editing and Text over the image. Pixellab gives you the ability to add multiple layers of text, audio, effects, 3D transitions, animation, and more to customize your image or youtube thumbnail excellently ( pixellab apk ) .


When you download Pixellab Apk, you get a wide variety of option like :

Overview of features of Pixellab APK

  • Add Text .
  • Use different effects to your Text .
  • change Text color .
  • Text fonts, add Stickers .
  • Import images .
  • Draw on the photo .
  • change the photo background .
  • Save as a project in PHP format .
  • Remove the background.

This article will discuss how to download Pixellab APK on your smartphone and make a beautiful thumbnail and logo. I will also give a quick look over features in detailed step by step image .

How to download Pixellab APK ( Latest ) on an Android smartphone

Here, we will explain simple steps to Download the pixellab apk on your android mobile.

The first and foremost step is to download the APK file PIxellab from the internet. You can get the file from any of the trusted websites. I will provide the link down below.


download Pixellab APK

After downloading Pixellab APK, you need to permit further installation by allowing the installation of the unknown app in your android phone setting .because you will be downloading the app not from the play store but the website.

pixellab simple step to download apk

You will get a security pop up if you have not done the setting previously. You have to click allow access to proceed further.

Read more about : Why you need to give permision for installation of unknown app .

After your download process is done, go to file manager, and you will find Pixellab apk.

Once you find the Apk file in the file manager section, you click on the file to continue with the installation process.

Now you have to wait for the installation process to be fully completed. Once it’s done, you can use the pixellab APK pro-2020 (V 1.9.2 ) on your phone.

How to use pixellab in your smartphone ( overview )

It is available for android and can be downloaded from Google play

In this tutorial, we will walk over some basics of navigating around the interface.

So, this is the main interface when you will open app for the first time .

main interface of pixellab apk

And it contains Top bar at the top Where you can access quick actions .

pixellab toolbar

Preview area ( where all the text and shape element’s are ) or you can also say heart of pixellab .

Preview area

Bottom bar as you can see in the picture present at the corner .

Preview area pixellab - text on image

And the toolbar which is highlighted below .


At the bottom, we have this icon. This contain some of the presets that you can use and also save in your gallery .

This icon can also be called as preset menu

preset menu

For example, let’s apply some presets .

quores preset

3D text preset

3D text preset

Epic keep calm preset

Epic keep calm preset

Next, we have this A icon here, which is for the text options .

A icon in pixellab

These are the options you get when a text is selected

A text option

Let’s use edit for this section

text option in pixellab apk

You can drag the text anywhere in the image.

drag your text

Drag your text anywhere you want by just clicking over your text .

Next, we have this icon, which is for stickers and shapes.

Sticker and shape in pixellab

You can access sticker section by clicking on the sticker button as shown below .

How to add sticker in pixellab

You can see the sticker collection .

sticker collection in pixellab

After this, we have a background option, as you can see in the image.

background option in pixellab

You can choose with a color, gradient, or an image .

You can also use the image background as shown below .

image background

Another cool feature we have is the effects.

effects in pixellab apk

Let’s add a vignette effect .

vignette effect in pixellab

And we can use multiple colors and also intensity according to our wish.

viginette effect in pixellab text on image

We also get a quote section to browse in the pixellab app.

quotes collection in pixellab app

Select any quotes by clicking, and quotes will add to the main interface.

quotes collection in app

And when you are done, click on the Share button in the upper corner to share, or you can export your work easily.

share option in pixellab

You can choose any format or resolution you want to download and save in your gallery .

share your work on pixellab apk

Final words :

Pixellab gives you great tools to make your Text over image more fun and interesting. Download and install the Pixellab by following the instructions mentioned above correctly. This app will help you attract people’s attention when you showcase your artwork and talent by using the features available in Pixellab.

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