Minecraft paper , few easy step to make Minecraft paper .

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among teenagers. In this game, we can produce a lot of things using different resources. Without any hint, many people don’t know how to make Minecraft paper and how Minecraft paper effect. I’ll talk to you about these two issues today. And I will guide you through the whole process from zero levels to the pro level.

In Minecraft, paper is an essential material. It can make maps to prevent players from getting lost during adventures, which makes it valuable. Paper can also be used as books and bookshelves, allowing players to enchant up to level 30.

First of all, if you want to make paper, you need to make a workbench. Only after having a workbench you can make other things. The crafting of the workbench requires wood, which is very easy to obtain. Just find a tree in the game and chop it to fetch wood. We can combine three-piece of wood to make a workbench.

How to make a workbench in a few steps?

Find trees to get woodblock.

find tree in minecraft

Combine wood blocks into wood boards.

wooden board

Use wooden boards to make a workbench.

synthesis wood block

After making workbench, Minecraft sugarcane is the only most crucial thing to make Minecraft paper.

Step and guide for growing sugarcane plant

First of all, if we want to make paper, we need to plant a crop, sugarcane. We will produce enough paper when we have enough sugarcane available. Planting of sugarcane is relatively simple, with only two conditions: sand or land, and the other is water. If we want to find sugar cane, the best way is to go to the beach. Sugar cane is usually found where sand and water meet. The collection of sugarcane is also straightforward, and this can be done quickly with bare hands. Sugarcane does not have sugarcane seeds. The sugarcane can be planted directly on the sand. Of course, the sand must be near the water.

When we have planted enough sugarcane, we can synthesize paper. Three sugarcanes can synthesize three sheets of paper, which is relatively cost-effective.

Now it’s time to make paper in Minecraft.

Collect sugarcane by the river by destroying or cutting them.

cut sugarcane in minecraft

Put the previously made workbench on the ground.

workbench in minecraft

Right-click on the workbench and combine the three sugar canes into the paper.

minecraft paper is ready

The separate paper is of no use in the game, but the paper will be used later to make enchanted books. Paper is combined with lots of other resources to create new items in-game, so the paper’s role in this game is still huge. So, we are now ready to discuss the use of paper.

Most crucial use of Minecraft paper


We can use three papers and one leather to synthesize, which is a relatively good thing. After all, our books can be used to synthesize bookshelves. The placement of bookshelves can improve our enchanting level and have a probability of getting better of enchanting things.


After synthesizing the map, we don’t need to worry about getting lost. We can directly perform a more influential role and no longer need to worry about losing our way in the expedition, which is a better thing.

These two things are beneficial. Our book is the most important thing because with the help of a book. We can use the enchanting table to make our enchanting level higher. The most crucial part is that we can do a good enchantment. The probability of a useful enchantment is also very high.

All the raw materials in this game are useful. You can collect a lot of raw materials and match them by yourself. Maybe you can make items that have never appeared in the game.

In Minecraft, up to 64 pieces of paper can be stacked in one grid. Players can use it and leather to synthesize a book or use paper and a compass to synthesize a basic map. These are essential items for survival.

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