Pixellab for PC/Laptop- Windows (10/8/7) Free Download – Online Guide

In this millennial era, we are facilitated by various conditions following what is done by technological sophistication. We can use cell phones to do anything, such as attaching photos, making a thumbnail online. Most of the time we use smartphones but there are few people in the world who prefer PC/laptop. In this article, I will teach you an easy way to download Pixellab for PC/Laptop easily. Editing photos can indeed be of help to us in making photos that are attractive and fresh.

How to Download and Install Pixellab for PC Windows?

As we said before, Pixellab is only available for smartphone devices, so we can’t directly install Pixellab on a PC/laptop. You may need to use an Android emulator to use the Pixellab video editor on a Windows PC because the Android emulator uses Android applications on PC. Here we suggest two ways to install pixel lab on your PC.

  1. Pixellab for PC Windows (10/8/7) Using Bluestacks
  2. Install Pixellab for PC Without Bluestacks

Pixellab for PC Windows (10/8/7) Using Bluestacks- Method 1

This way, you can use the Bluestacks android app player to install Pixellab on your PC because Bluestacks is a popular and widely used software.

First of all, You need to download and install Bluestacks software on your PC from the Bluestacks official website (Download the latest version for Windows OS).

Now double click on the Bluestacks file and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to perform the installation process of Bluestacks for PC.

Once Bluestacks is installed on the PC. You need to click on the Bluestacks icon on your desktop screen to start the emulator, and after Bluestacks open, you need to log in using your Google account.

Now open the Google Play Store app on your Bluestacks like your smartphone and type “Pixellab” in the search bar.

You will find the Pixellab results on the top and click the “Install” button to download.

It may take a few seconds to install on your PC. You will have to wait until then.

After the successful installation, you can click on Pixellab for PC app on the Bluestacks home screen and start using it to make beautiful Youtube thumbnail, edit text, edit video.

This is the first and one of the best method to install any android apps on a PC. Most lower-end PC/laptop users don’t prefer using Bluestacks because it has high system requirements such as graphics and RAM. If you want to use Pixellab PC without Bluestacks, follow the below method.

List of unique feature pixellab online offer to his User for free

One of the exciting photo editors available in the market is the Pixellab application. Inside has a problematic menu to make us use the app more and more. Is that all? Come on, see the advantages of Pixellab below.

1. Can be used when offline

Most of the photo editing app requires internet net connectivity for making beautiful design, but this is not the case with Pixellab. You can still produce attractive photos without having to activate your internet data.

2. Can Make Shadow effect in Photos

By using your smartphone, you can take shadow photos and text easily. Of course, by installing this Pixellab application. The method becomes very easy with the help of Pixellab; select the image you want to edit. Adjust the image according to your need anywhere in-app interface, then choose shadow.

With this shadow menu, you can adjust the shadow with this setting and change its intensity and position. Essential shadow positioning is namely right, left, top, and bottom. Don’t forget to activate it. Then scroll down, shifting blur radiation, offset x and offset y . after you get the desired result, click on the done / tick button.

3. Can Make 3D Photos

The interesting fact is that, apart from making 3D text, you can make the 3D image too. There is a 3D menu Option that can be used for photos or text. For the 3D menu, the User can use two options, namely 3D rotate and 3D shape. To do this, select the image you want to edit, select the pentagon menu, then select 3D rotate if you’re going to rotate it right, left, up, or down.

The 3D shape menu option is available next to the 3D rotate menu to make a 3D photo box. To do this, turn on the option by using slide bar at the bottom, then scroll down, there is a lot of choice like rotation in the x-axis, y-axis, and change the light angle and intensity. You can change hardness too in the same menu.


PixelLab seems to be very focused on the text feature, so you have to compromise with other parts used by most youth, like video and image editing. Pixellab lacks this feature for now, but maybe they can add photo and video editing features in the future. I will not deny it. It’s true, PixelLab has photo editing features too, but I feel that it still needs an upgrade. It would be great if the developer added features such as effects, filters, and other photo editing features. The developer would like to consider starting a camera feature. In this way, pixellab can compete with a vast range of app available in the market.

The app offers a wide variety of features; PixelLab is perfect for users who want to play with text and effects without changing the photo elements a lot. This application is also more suitable, or I can say perfect. Those who like to make a meme, thumbnail video, cover the book, cover magazines and novels, or even cover a personal album.

After the latest update, few Users reported bugs and drastic design breakdown. It would also be better if the gradient is increased from more than two layers and colors to 3. Pixellab developers should also take care that Pixellab developers should include reflection for picture editing, not only text. Overall it’s a good app.

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