How to play minecraft with friends and family in 2021 ?


Minecraft is a sandbox game that has a vast and gorgeous world. However, for a beginner who’s new to Minecraft, it appears somewhat challenging to begin this match. But some individuals are curious but still don’t know how to play Minecraft. Alright, to start with, try to become accustomed to playing Minecraft and begin in the easiest.

First night survival?

Here is a straightforward guide for newcomer crafters fresh into Minecraft; we shall discuss mining and crafting organic source collection (SDA), creating shelter, and investigating the depths of this Minecraft world. First night survival is one of the essential things in Minecraft because you will encounter lots of creepers and night creature. It would be best if you took shelter as soon as possible.

What type of Game is Minecraft?

As previously stated, Minecraft is a Sandbox narrative style video game. Minecraft is a game where you can openly live your own life while amassing food and materials and fighting creatures in a vast world.

The majority of the planet is created from cubic blocks. Players are free to split blocks and utilize new blocks and things to craft (fabricate ) freely. There are four primary modes in Minecraft game like Creative mode , Survival mode

Can we play Minecraft on iPhone?

Yes, of course, you can play Minecraft on iPhone mobile devices , iPad, and any ios device. I will provide you with all Minecraft download links in this article, along with the method to play.


Let us introduce with few tools and resources essential and necessary for Minecraft game.

  • Anvil
  • Axe
  • Bowl
  • Bucket
  • clock
  • Compass
  • Fishing Rod
  • Flint and steel
  • Lead
  • Map
  • Pickaxe
  • Shear
  • Shovel

Suppose you want to know the detailed use and preparation method. Check the Minecraft tool generator.


You will be spawned randomly at any place in Minecraft maybe you are in a forest, hill, or perhaps in a lake. First thing you need to do is to collect lots of wood or Minecraft logs.

Minecraft tree


What is Minecraft crafting table or Minecraft workbench?

When you spawn at any random place in Minecraft, there will be only 2×2 crafting grid, which is not enough. You will not be able to make complex tools like Minecraft armour, Minecraft bucket etc. It will only allow you to make simple Minecraft wooden planks. Initially, the Minecraft crafting table will look like these .

Minecraft wooden plank

To increase the grid or crafting area, you need to make a crafting table or Minecraft workbench. You will initially see a 2×2 grid, but it will upgrade to 3×3 Minecraft grid after making workbench.

3x3 minecraft table

Total of 4 planks will be required to make an initial Minecraft workbench. You can use any wooden plank which will be readily available for you at your spawning place.

Later on, after making a crafting table, you will get a 3×3 grid. You can increase further by using resource packs and command in Minecraft.

Types of the wooden plank in Minecraft

different type of minecraft wooden plank

Want to know more about Minecraft tree and wooden logs?

How to make a workbench in Minecraft?

  • Open crafting menu by clicking on E for PC and MacBook user.
  • If you are playing on PlayStation, click on square button. ( Minecraft PlayStation 4 or any PlayStation use PS3, PS5 )
  • And for x-box user, you need to press the X button to open the Minecraft crafting menu.
  • After opening the crafting menu, you need to prepare Minecraft wooden planks.

minecraft creative board

First, you need to collect wood log by using your bare hand. Then by using a wooden log, make wooden planks Minecraft. You can use any wooden log for making wooden plank.

For now, I am using an oak wood log to make oak wood plank. Collect at least 25 wooden blocks before proceeding forward.

wooden plank preperation in minecraft

After making Minecraft wooden plank, you need to make a workbench. Nowadays, the workbench is known as Minecraft crafting table. You will need a total of 4 wooden planks to make a workbench.

workbench in minecraft

As there is only four grid, and it gets filled fully. Don’t worry about this. Once you are done making workbench, drag it to your inventory section. Drag your workbench to inventory section as shown below.

Workbench in inventory


So, you all must be thinking about what to do next?

Minecraft random spawn area

Coal, wood and stone are the most crucial resource initially. After you are done making crafting bench, find a place to make a house. I will suggest you find a place with lots of stone because it makes it more comfortable to get resources and treasures from there. Don’t forget coal, as you will need that for lightning.

Now after deciding proper protection, to make your home and to collect different resource. Place the crafting table anywhere you want. Right-click on crafting table, you will be able to see 3×3 crafting grid.

Minecraft shealter

The first tool you need to make it stick. Yes, you heard it right. Make a few sticks first by arranging wooden planks directly, as shown in the picture.

mine craft stick

After making stick using a wooden plank, arrange a wooden plank and stick as shown in the figure to make stone crusher or say Minecraft pickaxe. We can use a stick to make different tools with the help of crafting table. It will take a lot of time if you start breaking stone using your bare hand. Now use a pickaxe to destroy the stone and make enough space for us to make a shelter.

sandbox pickaxe

If you have many cobblestones, go back to the Crafting table and use Cobblestone to make a stronger pickaxe. I will suggest you keep your crafting table near you. It will make the process very easy for you. Cobblestone pickaxe is similar to wooden pickaxe but is more durable than a wooden pickaxe.

rock pickaxe

As said earlier, you should choose a place nearby rock because it will make coal mining easier. The blackish spot on the stone is coal, which we will need for lightning. Else you will have to spend the night in the dark.

video game coal

After you are done making shelter, move back to crafting table and destroy it with your hand. Now place it back into the cave you made.


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