Track change in price of your favourite products on Amazon with keppa

You most likely haven’t discovered. However, product prices change frequently on Amazon. To discover nuggets on the American ogre website and do lucrative business, you must always monitor price trends. This task could be tiresome, particularly once you have your eye on several products. To easily follow prices’ development, you may use a third-party tool: a price tracker ( keepa ) .


A price tracker is a utility that monitors the purchase price of an item onto a site. Cost trackers are often made accessible by their programmers in the kind of browser extensions. The one we will use for our Amazon tutorial will be Keepa chrome extension.


It is a browser extension compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Get the version that suits you based on your favorite browser. When the expansion is downloaded, it will look right on the web page of the item of your choice on Amazon.

Proceed to a post page to confirm that a picture appears at the bottom of the webpage. Otherwise, restart your browser.

Track amazon price with keepa

The Keepa graph presents a review of the purchase price evolution since the book of this item sheet on Amazon. Still, to trigger the monitoring, you’ll want to create a free account on the website by clicking Login / Register, then click Register. You’ve got the prospect of creating an account better by directly linking your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. And creat a Keepa Account

Keepa registration

After opening your account, go back to the item page to trace, more especially on the graph. Click Track Product, then on Start Tracking.

adjust price on amazon

You will then have the choice between various Kinds of alert via:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • RSS feed
  • Twitter
  • Your browser’s telling system

Amazon price tracker with Keepa

If you monitor many goods together with Keepa, you can find a summary by heading to Keepa’s website in Track> Tracking Overview.

keepa metric

Keepa Overview

In the end, if you’re searching for the best promotions, then know that by visiting the Bargains section of this Keepa website, you’ll see the very best cost reductions by department (high-tech, fabrics, home appliances, etc.).

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